Oct 21

TLDR: Hauls, Freelancers, Target, and Windows vs Linux

Seven Reasons Why Linux Distributions Are Better Than Windows www.lockergnome.com Seven Reasons Why Windows is Better Than Linux Distributions www.lockergnome.com Target Store Customer Service Problems www.lockergnome.com 12 Ways to Save a Day in 2012 www.lockergnome.com How to Use Twitter the Right Way www.lockergnome.com Five Essential Apps and Tools for Freelancers www.lockergnome.com Deck the Hauls: Showing Off or Vicarious Window Shopping? www.lockergnome.com Ten Failures of Apple and Microsoft www.lockergnome.com Back Link of the Day www.devicemag.com Thanks to Device Magazine for using one of our videos in its Question of the Day segment. If you’d like to be mentioned as a Back Link of the Day, link to one of our posts on LockerGnome.com from your site and — this is the important part — tell us about it! www.lockergnome.com Join us when the countdown ends! profiles.google.com twitter.com www.facebook.com


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  1. Daniel Dohnt

    Most supercomputers run Linux 

  2. Commandos12

    IBM is a BIG fan of linux

  3. mythreligion

    @lockergnome start talking more about linux.

  4. mythreligion

    @lockergnome why haven’t youj done a: Why Linux is better then osx10?

  5. MacGuru15

    Well, I currently have $120 on my Starbucks card, so I guess I can’t really save that, lol.

  6. Etienne Pellicano


  7. ytuser13082011

    Damn, I absolutely love the way you talk about technology, Chris. Obviously, you have your own opinion, but you are NOT forcing it upon others [well, not most of the time]. Now, if only others could ever do that …


  8. dokha

    0:48 hey! your geekiness with Star Wars away from my LOTR. U cant lov everything! lol
    ~Tolkien, Peter Jackson Fan

  9. gabakusa

    win me is a failure

  10. gabakusa

    listen this guy is great i have nothing to do with him but i was listing at the car and he got many ideas how to save money

    The Automatic Millionaire
    David Bach

  11. goohman

    You can use google apps and have your domain name email go to googles servers

  12. goohman


  13. SourceBoltMedia

    Yea, give hauls a try 🙂

  14. gazzbryant


  15. SourceBoltMedia

    I’m going to give Ubuntu another chance.. downloading now 🙂

  16. TheGeeksftw

    Just realized that the TLDR is almost the same as TL;DR

  17. Mark Dalton

    Hey chris, it was me who sent you goldheist. Sent you an email a few days back, hope you enjoy it!

  18. Nicholas Alexander

    just about $4400 a year

  19. Judog1Gamespotter

    I want to get my own domain, just so I can have a unique email address. 


    that video is amazing live keep it up i love it at home in toronto ontario

  21. onwardniqz

    hey man, thanks for taking the time to do these shows for us!! very informative and I look forward to watching your show daily!!!

  22. MegaBite64

    I had a KIN (twom), actually just a month ago. Verizon was selling it online and failed to say that it was discontinued. When the software failed, they replaced it with a pre-owned non-touch screen phone. I was pissed…

  23. Bakari8886

    Really like this vids,
    Are you really going to do one of these(TLDR) everyday, or at least close to it?

  24. Bakari8886

    Celxter or no word of the day

  25. Bakari8886

    “Twips” = Twitter Tips,
    Coin that Chris

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