Jan 17

Microsoft Xbox Live – Automatic Renewal Billing

Microsoft’s Xbox website has been having issue with their account billing section where you cannot access ANYTHING on your billing. So if you wanted to cancel service or STOP automatic renew, good luck because it aint happening from the website.
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For Microsoft, 1992 is about partnership. Intel and Microsoft introduce a new specification (in beta form) called DV MCI (the digital video command set of MCI), that expands the Media Control Interface (MCI) for the Microsoft® Windows® graphical environment to work with current and future forms of digital video. We announce the Microsoft Certified Professional Program, a rigorous series of online exams covering Windows 3.1, LAN Manager, and SQL Server. And in response to an inflammatory newspaper article in the New York Post, Microsoft announces that there are no hidden messages contained in any of the Wingdings fonts in the Microsoft® Windows® operating system and certainly no hate messages against any religious or ethnic group. Revenue/Headcount The 1992 fiscal year-end sales total 58725000. The 1992 fiscal Year employee headcount totals 11542 people. January 20, 1992 A Portable Computing Initiative suite of technologies is announced. As the first phase of the initiative, Microsoft will offer: Advanced Power Management (APM) to extend battery life; Microsoft® MS-DOS® ROM version 5.0; Interlink, a fast new data transfer utility; and Solid-State memory support. January 28, 1992 Scott Oki senior vice president of US sales, marketing and service retires and Microsoft promotes Jeff Raikes, currently vice president of the Office Systems Group, to fill the position. February 3, 1992 Microsoft announces a new organizational structure and outlines three centers of strategic
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. bipolardiscussions

    I just got charged 10 dollars for turning on my xbox, fucking dicks.

  2. rodvandevsen5038

    Yo! this site is giving away 40 000 XBOX Live points for FREE bit.ly/umxJPx?=jbmjf

  3. henryteong100

    Same shit man xbox bills me automatically without my permission all they want is money i mean microsoft sucks cuz they will do that shit to others man even me!

  4. niven898

    i just want to cancel my membership

  5. 2nmingo

    i fucking hate you xbox 

  6. SuperHushPuppy

    If this goes on I’m sticking to my Wii U like everyone else. I’ll probably use my Wii U for games like Bethesda.

  7. SuperHushPuppy

    To me when I sign in xbox website it says Uh oh….That shouldn’t have happened!
    It appears you’ve found a glitch in the system.

    Also I can’t seem to put my paypal or my debit at all on my xbox360. Is it becuase I took off my xbox360 from the power line? Or are they charging my $9.99 from a free 1 month gold membership? I mean it was only $1 that offer but really is that the reason why?? Please let me know.

  8. MoNtyKaLy

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  9. RachelBee05

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  10. Dragonjlp24

    oly cancel that in your bank and is fix xbox is pura mierda 100% ps3

  11. theupdatekid1

    Suckers the xbox people i hate them i cant play xbox live obout a update and i need a code for the website

  12. PinkYoungCEO

    Dude im fucking tired of live i changed my contact info so i could get the code to change my billing status and it says the new info will be added to my account 9/30/12 which is a month away and 5 days after my next renew i really wish they wouldnt treat us all like idiots like we dont know they do all this shit to milk their own customers as much as possible it’s ridiculous

  13. MiccrosoftPointsGen

    to get free microsoft points checkout this video :

  14. theunstoppablemarine

    thefalloutnuke i know its so annoying i might go to ps3 take that xbox!!!!”

  15. TheFalloutNuke

    xbox are some bitches becuz i use internet explorer google chrome everything i keep going to it it keep saying put in code sent to your emil and i never get a code

  16. chilenobakan92

    i think the website has changed once more and i cannot find the damn automatic renewal shit
    it tells me this worthless how to get there directions but its nowhere to be found.. please help ..

  17. apaas12

    bit.lyKFfZff ——– 100% working, COMPLETE anti-bot check and start redeem your Microsoft points and xbox live codes AMAZING! )) Works in 2012!!

  18. RedCrow4ever

    This is why Sony’s plan was better: free online gaming, and extras? pay extra and bonuses (for those who want the extras)!

  19. fake joyz

    i really wanna get back on i spent 200 dollars worth of xbox live and i dont want my friends stealing my account and using it up FUCK!

  20. Jaime3612g

    Fukk xbox livee that shit gay why that shit its not free like playstation network

  21. blazeblue1991

    why is that they is makeing money on all the other shit thet have like the slim and new pc desk top and laptops they have xbox live cant be free thats why i play and give 99% love to my ps3 and shit love to my xbox 360 ya it has party chat and cross came chat and in game songs from your hdd but you have to pay a full price of a video game and 25$ on a used game for 3 month gold I WHANT XBOX LIVE TO BE FREE

  22. Y0uNgMOnEy2012


  23. NEWYORK7812

    they charge me 50.95 same as buying a new game and a one year membership all that fucking money they be making for a new xbox and a new kinect taking my money i earn

  24. brandonsokguy

    mine shows an error while turning it off

  25. Primatonic


    renewal is turned off…still get charged.

    When i try change my country, the box is greyd out….FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!

  26. Liam McCarthy


  27. Ryyy11

    year I was born!

  28. SooLibyan

    when were these videos created ?
    and will there be new ones as well ?

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