Nov 05

Microsoft Windows XP End of Support After 12 Years

On April 8th, 2014 Microsoft is ending support of Windows XP. What does this mean if you are still using this 12 year old OS product? Will it suddenly stop w…


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  1. MoreChannelNoise

    I tried to use win7 but the endless updates that took ages and you have to
    reboot every time. In the end as an experiment I installed Linux Mint. That
    was 2 years ago and I haven’t used Windows since.
    I didn’t see much difference in interface and you have to get used to
    differences in interface anyway if you move to Win 8 or later. Also I use
    some of my favourite windows apps on linux – you run them with a progam
    called Wine. Mostly though I found equivalent and better free programs that
    are made for linux – SOOO many!
    The way I see it if you get a new computer and move to win7 or 8 you are
    only going to be forced to do the same years later so why not free yourself
    from Microsoft now?

  2. Al Richter

    XP PRO #3, The Best of that Time & It’s going to be Hard to replace. What I
    hate is that I spent a Fortune on Games 7 Have a Very hard playing them on
    Win. 7 Pro. & now I’m waiting for Win. 9 to come out this winter or next
    spring. In fact I’ve heard that Windows 10 is on it’s way, This news coming
    from TECH News.Latest news.
    The King is Dead, Long live the Queen (Win 7 ULTRA ).

  3. turevus

    install dos 6.0 and windows 3.1!

  4. Tech 404

    Guys Like This Facebook Page To Get Windows XP Back

  5. Norbury53

    One question you didn’t answer, and one I have been asked and have not been
    able to get a definitive answer for, is will the current level of updates
    (at switch off time) still be available from the MS site? For instance if
    you wish to re-install XP from a disk will that version be update-able with
    the relevent service packs and security updates etc?

  6. star back

    What about avast antivirus or malwarebytes that protect you from virus and
    other threat on windows xp even no security updates ?

  7. RCexplained

    Great video. I just upgrade to Windows 7. It works OK. I thought Win 7 had
    some sort of embedded XP mode. Would this support Mach3 within Win 7?

  8. ClassicSonicFan2012


  9. gfx2006

    Do you know of any alternatives to Mach3 for CNC machines that would run on

  10. Abdelaziz Elrashed

    What if they are release a source code for Windows XP?
    It’s will be a great idea, WindowsXP death deserve to dissect for
    public ^_^

  11. FatheredPuma81

    u prolly a pent 4 actually…

    if i upgraded my old cpu id upgrade everything but the cpu and possibly the

  12. TAGamingShow

    Hello GuruBrew! Thanks For this great video. I use XP But I just cant live
    without it.
    So I Made A Plan. Please let me know if I will be secure by using this plan.
    1.Use XP Offline Only
    2.Dual Boot Windows 7 And XP
    3. Use Windows 7 to work online and obtain files
    4.Use XP for offline applications and on the go.
    5.Install Anti-virus On Windows 7

    Thank You! Please let me know if my Plan will be alright for end of life

  13. Christopher Smoak

    I have a dell xps 700. I just uninstalled xp media center from it. Do you
    think windows 7 would run on it and version should I install?

  14. Harry Haefner

    I love my dot matrix printer… what to do? XP always works for me!

  15. SomeRandomAnimator


  16. Tech 404

    I hate windows microsoft WHY MICROSOFT WHY did You Have To End Support Of
    Windows XP

  17. Shannon Howell

    I had Broadband internet through Time Warner back in 1999. It was 2Mbps but
    it was way better than using 56K dial-up and I didn’t have to tie up my
    phone line

  18. ~Princess Luna~

    Use puppy linux

  19. Siggitron Mallotron

    Get System Mechanic from iolo and it will support it for you because it
    takes care of the viruses and slow down issues. http://www.iolo.com

  20. Dave Miller

    I’ll just wait with XP on my old computers until 9 comes out.

    It’s not like XP will blow up or get riddled with more viruses than there
    currently is.

  21. hankus253

    Steve your advice is well taken. BTW I have one laptop PC that came with
    Win 7 that I’ve had to downgrade to Win XP, because HP didn’t offer support
    beyond XP for some of their products. Thank goodness speed of the OS isn’t
    critical and connectivity with the internet isn’t required.

  22. Liquidice

    🙁 windows 8 looks like it was designed by a five year old

  23. Carrie King

    Are these virus issues not prevented at all by independent antivirus

  24. GuruBrew

    Some professional advice and choices of what to do if you are still using
    Windows XP are revealed in this video.

  25. stargate455

    Thanks for this video

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