Apr 30

Microsoft Unified Communications – Group Chat Functionality

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Sony’s new console will let players have 2000 virtual friends, while Microsoft will support 1000; PS4 party chat confirmed. The PlayStation 4 friends list …
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    Enjoyed the video!! 😀

  2. flyingcow143

    Ya like if you stream and you have it set to auto accept, and you have your
    ps4 set to always streaming, so any hardcore follwers who were the first to
    friend you could watch. But there better be grouping for that so those
    people cant send you messages, or all those go in a differnet message
    folder to read separatly. THat seems great for big youtubers actually.

  3. Rafael grullon

    Xbox one is now 10 ps4 is 6 for party chats!

  4. 909Snipez

    I don’t care about 2000 friends right now I have 80 friends on PSN 😛

  5. Matt Jenson

    Who the fuck needs 2000 friends? Even 1000 is a lot

  6. Doug Rothrock

    Challenge accepted!!!

  7. JimmyLmao

    fail… this isnt microsoft we’re talking about here, where u gotta pay for
    “free to play”

  8. flyingcow143

    Nope chuck testa compelety free,and some other multiplayer games may also
    be free.

  9. Yuranium21

    Will the PS3 friend list explode after someone has 2000 friends on the ps4?
    If they transfer.

  10. Nash Ndlovu

    I can fill it up…

  11. SwinnyUK

    And the bullying continues. lol Microsoft is getting beaten bloody from
    every possible angle.

  12. shoaib dear

    I DO

  13. XxInFamousHackerxX

    What a playstation fanboy

  14. Gamer ShArK

    Could I change my I’d name n keep my trophies from my current profile

  15. Chris Douglas

    The only reason it wasn’t on PS4 is because the OS didn’t have enough
    dedicated RAM.

  16. Jonezy

    I dont know how I would have lived without party chat during this gen..

  17. Robert Lopez

    Who the fuck needs this much friends

  18. PixelsMiner

    Famous people or youtubers.

  19. luckyluke107

    Wow I thought 1000 was a crazy amount

  20. IntoTheRing

    A youtuber there plays with subs

  21. HoJam Maximus

    the only thing you will need ps+ for is online multiplayer e.g. cod, bf4,

  22. Jack Turtleshell

    I did the divison

  23. Kevin Kuranowski

    Can we be friends on ps4 once i get it


    Where did you hear this?

  25. ntaylor418

    Does anyone if you can keep an existing account but change the id?

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