Jun 30

Microsoft Prank Call In PS3 Chat Room #2

Do you mind if I call you fred.
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  1. indecline226

    shut the fuck up you little fat bitch element dont even like you you fatass

  2. Tyler Williams


  3. lllpepilll

    Nice Vid! #LOL

  4. bloodshot738

    @MissSkeleton87 Can i add you?

  5. Uncle Lester

    lol @ “WHAT!?”

  6. James Berry

    ahaha classic

  7. Sam Garcia.

    Azn man with coat isn’t licensed dealer!

  8. SlyCooperVideos

    if anyone wants to chat my user name is rockydude124

  9. MissSkeleton87

    Omg hilarious! Love it! Add me xXSYKO_GiRLXx

  10. Lssssssser

    We should do more of these. Next time: NINTENDO.

  11. tweedyara

    Can i add you plase

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