Apr 29

How to record Xbox Live party chat & own voice seperate from video using Turtle beach X41’s

A video explaining how to record your own voice AND party chat seperate from a video file. Good if you using a Hauppauge or similar. Works with every setup ive tried, including the microsoft xbox chat mic (some setups you may need to alter the wiring slightly). Video shows working with a Turtle Beach X41 headset. Parts you need: 2.5mm Y Splitter. Male to 2 female (or female to 2 female if using standard xbox chat mic) pages.ebay.com 2.5mm to 3.5mm Audio cable: pages.ebay.com Any questions ask below and ill help out.
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  1. RatteUncleSam

    hello “ImPhatMan”
    I have a Problem with my own voice when im speak to the mic (Turtle beach x41) then i have a loud annoying noise ? can u help me ? (its very disturbing)

  2. tolizi

    This didnt work with my turtle beach mw3 ear force delta. Whenever i plug in everything i cant hear my friends in the party and they cant hear me, but i can record my voice on the computer.

  3. ImPhatMan

    That is strange. Xbox uses left channel for your own voice and right for everyone else. Ive never come across this before. Ill look into it for you.

  4. SoSickMinded

    Both stereo channels are recording my voice….

  5. SoSickMinded

    It records my voice perfectly, but not party chat… I followed the directions EXACT…. wtf? I’m using audacity and x32’s… it should work >_<

  6. oGiJio

    on the link to ebay i cant get tp ebay on it :/ and on amazon when i type it in it only comes up with 3mm

  7. ImPhatMan

    @oGiJio It should work perfectly fine. ive had people message me saying thanks. if you look at my other video titled raw rounds, that was recorded using this method and you can notice the gane sound doesnt muffle when other people talk

  8. oGiJio

    okay so i have the x41’s and hdpvr so if i get these cables it will defo work because i really want to get this to work

  9. ImPhatMan

    @CHaRGEz TURTLE Ill try that, cant see why not as it uses the same channels as party chat. I will try it for you but it will be tuesday before I do it.


    will this work with just lobby voices too?
    i was just wondering to make sure and not waste my money buying the cables.

  11. ImPhatMan

    @Nemox92 Ive not had this asked before. its a case of trial and error really. get some really cheap parts and try it. The y splitter and 2.5 to 3.5 lead can be bought off ebay very cheaply.

  12. Nemox92

    Will this work? Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 Programmable Wireless Headset

  13. ImPhatMan

    @TheShawnicus To record audio im using Audacity. uses minimal system resources and it does the job fine for recording chat. HTH

  14. TheShawnicus

    What is the recording program you are using?

  15. ImPhatMan

    @Oophilly215oO It looks like it doesnt work with X12’s. But im going to borrow a set in a week or so then try get it to work

  16. Oophilly215oO

    I have x12’s man, im reading the comments and it seems that this setup doesn’t work with them? do you know how to fix this? cuz im really trying to record my voice with my party chat and this seems like a great way

  17. DefQoN1x

    Thanks man 🙂 wanting to do some live BF stuff again but the alternative voice chat recording is not so good :/

  18. ImPhatMan

    Ill get back to you. And yeah its a good job that they only cost a couple of quid. Hoping the new xbox will have an easier way of doing this.

  19. DefQoN1x

    okay cheers mate 🙂 If it doesn’t it’s no bother, just as well the cables cost next to nothing haha

  20. ImPhatMan

    People are saying it doesnt work with the x12 headset. Ill try borrow one and get it to work

  21. ImPhatMan

    @EricDammit Ive looked into it and it may not work on some of the x12 models. Not sure why. Im going to try borrow a set to see if I can get this to work.

  22. DefQoN1x

    Tried everything mate, not for working :/ maybe my turtle beaches? I have the x12s

  23. DefQoN1x

    cheers mate, will try it all out tomorrow 🙂

  24. EricDammit

    i have tutrtle beachs x12s and it doesnt work could the mic be the problem like doe it need to be a specific mic

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