May 04

Grand Theft Auto 5 – DANGEROUS JOBS – Episode 8 | Grand Theft Auto 5 Online PC Gameplay | Pungence

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online PC Gameplay! In today’s GTA funny moments are right around the corner! Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) is a game published by Rockstar Games. It is an open world …
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  1. Pungence

    Doing jobs, ranking up, and getting paid easy money in today’s Grand Theft
    Auto 5! The money isn’t that easy…

  2. AuDio Alien

    Great episode guys! Action packed & hilarious XD 

  3. The DerpSquad


  4. Finn Happy

    Nice vid man love ur channel 

  5. Angelica Geremia

    Pungence I think you’re the only reason why things actually get done in
    this game lol! Great vid as always :)

  6. TheSmallestSpartan

    I wish I could play this game on my channel… Can’t run it ;_;

  7. Life With Teens & Other Wild Things

    “It’s covered in vintage authenticity”

    Oh good lord +Generikb… that was the worst. LOL
    I laughed so loud I scared the bejeebers out of my poor dog. >.< You guys are gonna give +BdoubleO100 a stroke. LOL Genny can't "Crotch"... Omg... *dead*

  8. BZgamer1147

    Man I love watching you guys play GTA! Really lifted my bad mood I had
    today thanks to this video. Thanks Pung. :D

  9. DanK3670

    Hold the back button to bring up your quick option and you can set a
    waypoint to your objective.

  10. CreeperCreed75

    pungence for 2000 Subscribers on twitch you should give away a next gen
    console and i have a question Have you ever planed on making a shirt shop
    because i think people would love to have a Holy crap on there chest :D

  11. Life With Teens & Other Wild Things

    “Your nose is so ridiculous” … says the guy with hot-pink hair! LOL

    You guys are the best. Great stuff. :D

  12. JOSHkerr86

    Gerald has the easiest missions to do, for the most part, and Simeon has
    the most annoying, you guys should just stick with Gerald for now, and you
    can go to your contact list on your phone and call specific NPCs and get
    missions from them. And the longer you take in a job the more money you
    get. Oh and you guys should sell cars to get easy money The Ballers are
    easy to find and they sell for 9000 if not damaged.

  13. Innovation Gaming

    Under 301 only 2 views

  14. CreeperCreed75

    Pungence your video’s make me happy when i am mad,sad or got the blues and
    when i am feeling happy and i watch your videos I Just Turn in to ULTRA
    HAPPY MODE! :)

  15. Jeremy Balcom

    Good thing you’re playing with them bdubs and generikb are like bugs bunny
    and Daffy Duck, just poking fun

  16. jb21974

    Cannonball run

  17. Treadg19

    Good vid keep up the great work

  18. UGotGame 13

    I think u should do more jobs until u can do the Heist

  19. narwhals United

    When your favorite youtubers do things other than mine craft…

  20. Joey Carusone


  21. Smit Patel

    pungence use interaction menu to quickly set way point.

  22. Emerald Welch

    I’m not a fan of GTA but I’m watching every video because you three are so
    funny together.

  23. Michael Mora

    Once again hey pungence

  24. islam zatari

    i am good player i have done heist before and i have the armor car
    add me on PS3: zatari12

  25. calorgaz

    Great stuff…. Liked and Subbed :)

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