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Sep 13

Lastest Tech Support For Computer News

Classic Tech Support Scam Gets Multilingual Makeover “Tech support” personnel warned PC owners that they were infected and that they could fix it for the low, low price of $ 10 (or more). Over time, fake websites and pop ups warning of infections for Windows, Mac, Android and even iOS users were created. Read more …

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Jul 30

Lastest Tech Support For Computer News

Better Business Bureau: Tech support scams are a serious danger The original approach by scammers was to place calls posing as a "tech support specialist", but the BBB claims that now scammers are using pop-ups and web links claiming that the user's computer has been hacked, then providing a phone number for "tech … Read more …

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Apr 25

computer tech support – Davistown Chewing IT Chewing IT located in Davistown is an excellent choice if you are looking for computer tech support or IT help. To learn more call (02) 4326 1126 or check the url above.

Apr 24

Clown Provides Phone Tech Support for Computer Company

Cruddy Pants teaches telephone patrons the true meaning of bad customer service. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Apr 23

Funny Computer Tech Support Calls? #GetThroughIT

Leave comments here or over at LockerGnome using the #GetThroughIT hashtag!: …

Feb 09

Xprt provides free tech support on your iPhone

Xprt provides free tech support on your iPhone A new iPhone app called Xprt allows you to chat with tech experts and receive free tech advice directly from your phone. After launching the app and creating a free account, you're given the option to get technical support from an "Xprt" or request … Read more …

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