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Nov 12

Microsoft Xbox Kinect with Windows Phone 7 integration

Link: Tech demo of Windows Phone 7 support for Kinect – had trouble viewing on site, so re-upped here for your viewing pleasure. V… Me pranking the scammer that was trying to prefetch my computer hahaha! Video Rating: 5 / 5

Oct 03

Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana, and Legacy Hardware Support – MEGA REVIEW!

Here’s the big daddy review and walk through of Windows Phone 8.1! Even though it’s only a 0.1 update, Microsoft crammed A LOT OF STUFF into this update, so …

Sep 30

Global Medical Manufacturers Turn to Distributors to Tap the Eastern European

Global Medical Manufacturers Turn to Distributors to Tap the Eastern European … WebRTC enabled this contact center provider to eliminate antiquated telephony and desktop phone infrastructure with a pure web-based solution, allowing them to expand beyond brick-and-mortar confines to a home-based agent model. It also ensured … Read more on SYS-CON Media (press release) Oregon …

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Sep 09

Lastest Microsoft Telephone Support News

Uncle Clete and Microsoft Office 365′s online billing But then came Microsoft. Now you would think that Microsoft, given who they are and their relative importance in electronic technology, would be even more manageable and easy to deal with. This time I went online (a telephone number was not easily … Read more on DigiNews One …

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Aug 21

Skype stops working on older Android phones leaving Linux users in the dark

Skype stops working on older Android phones leaving Linux users in the dark I'll have to take matters up with the carrier, and perhaps consider an iPhone or other non-Samsung phone in the future, if Samsung will not provide product support for Linux. Samson: I … Is it Microsoft for decommissioning Skype for older versions …

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Aug 16

Scammer Down: Microsoft Tech Support

Feku Patel on call with fake Microsoft Tech Support Feku Patel is fictional character originated to take on fake callers or scammers. This character only imi… Video Rating: 5 / 5

Jul 03

Lastest Microsoft Telephone Support News

Technology Plays an Increasing Role in Emergency Management Surma is responsible for the worldwide team and program at Microsoft focused on delivering technologies and technical assistance to communities, responders and customers both in response to natural disasters and in support of proactive resiliency … Read more on Emergency Management LGBT Asylum Seekers Need America More …

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May 31

Fake Microsoft Tech Support Trying To Scam

Got a call on my home line from a tech support company in India claiming to be contracted by Microsoft. They said that my computer was sending error messages… I received a call from someone pretending to be from Microsoft claiming I had a virus on my computer the following recording is part of the …

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May 26

Documented – Microsoft Computer Support SCAM / Complete event

Vi blev uppringda av “Microsoft Technician James Williams” för att råda bot på infektioner och skadlig kod som drabbat vår dator. Som tur var så råkade vi ha… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Someone from “Technical Support” at 1-800-434-5049 called Chris’s work phone, and assumed he must be an idiot. Chris messes with him for …

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May 22

SCAMMER CALLS PRANKSTER – Windows Tech Support Scam

This scammer called the wrong guy by calling me. I drove him crazy by pretending to be computer illiterate and not letting him get his way. I eventually let … I’m pretty sure that most of you guys know about the recent phone scam which is circulating right now. They have been calling a lot …

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