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Jan 20

Mac vs PC: Computer Tech Support

A video blog about the difference between linux, windows and OS X for technical support. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jan 01

Tech support through the ages

Tech support through the ages Now that every office worker had a desktop computer, an Internet connection and an email account, the demand for technical support exploded. To keep up with the demand, some companies began building massive call centers or outsourcing support to … Read more on The Next Web In Cybercrime, What's Old Is …

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Dec 15

Missoula school officials hopeful about 2015 bond proposal

Missoula school officials hopeful about 2015 bond proposal … a 2015 bond that would help replace outdated tech infrastructure, though an exact dollar amount hasn't been decided on yet. This follows a spring assessment that found the district's old systems have a high vulnerability to computer viruses … Read more on NBC Montana iBuyPower SBX …

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Sep 22

'Scorpion' set to get high-tech on CBS

'Scorpion' set to get high-tech on CBS In 1988, he started Scorpion, the company, to provide basic tech support for the early desktop computer industry in Ireland. “There was no big business strategy,” O'Brien says. “People kept calling me asking me to help them out with computers and I … Read more on New York …

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Sep 10

Singularity Computers 20000 Subscribers Giveaway

Ive been meaning to do a giveaway for a while so Ive been collecting hardware for it. I thought it would be a good way of celebrating 20000 subscribers seems its such a massive milestone. Its thanks to all of your support that Ive been able to get this far. Good luck with the giveaway …

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Aug 19

Lastest Computer Tech Support News

I-Team Consumer Alert: Tech support scam When her phone rang a few days ago, it was a caller claiming to be from Microsoft tech support. After 35 years running computer systems at the University of Rhode Island, Windus knew right away the call was bogus. But the same man called three more … Read more …

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Aug 04

Computer Tech Support : Definition of Merge & Center in Microsoft Excel

The “Merge and Center” feature in Microsoft Excel will allow the user to pull together cells and align them over a table. Create a nice header with Excel’s “… There are basically two big financial planning software programs available, and they are Quicken and Quick Books. Learn about the small business uses and ent… Video …

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Jun 24

Lastest Computer Tech Support News

Mitel shifts from revenue to value-based rewards program This report is collected by Mitel's support team and provides Mitel an understanding of what customer issues a partner is dealing with, the measure they take in resolving the issue and their success in providing the customer a solution. Partners are … Read more on Computer Dealer …

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Apr 12

Alienware SUCKS!!! Laptop computer destruction! Alienware tech support made me KILL MY PC!!!

After two very expensive and faulty Alienware computers, we finally had enough of Alienware’s AWFUL tech support (the absolute worst in the biz), and put it … Video Rating: 1 / 5

Mar 20

How to rebuild quake-hit Haiti, one computer at a time

How to rebuild quake-hit Haiti, one computer at a time The Haiti project is highlighted in a new report, Using Technology for Social Good, which gives tips on the sustainable use of technologies to support development projects. The report by United Methodist Communications, the communications agency of The … Read more on Thomson Reuters Foundation Patrick …

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